Lost in Space…………..

It's been a day or two since I've posted. I guess the last couple of days I just hadn't had any real thoughts, so if they weren't even interesting to me I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have any intrest in them... Not that today is any better mind you but I at least wanted to pop in and explain my self. There are some indications that the world is right though.... Brandt came home this last week. Of course the first time he's been home since Christmas, and after he was showing me all of his new toys he showed me some chocolate NASCAR cars. He asked if he could have one so of course, I'm a push over, said yes. Which one do you think he pick out.... Tony Stewart, he said he wanted to make a point and let Tony know how he felt..... That's my boy. Gotta get, dinner is ready. Leftovers.... Yuk!