Local Channels…….

Here is just a hint at my life here lately..... I decided to do a little work on my Satellite TV. In particular my local channels. I get 4 local channels on Sat. Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC only. Well I'd been missin the UPN and WB stuff so I decided to fix it finally. I check with direct TV to see if there were any plans on the updating of local channels. They said they don't know about estimated dates until they actually happen. I think they learned that from the cable/dsl people, Never commit to anything. So at this point we are clear sailing.... I bought all the parts to get both sat, and antenna to all the TV's. After $60 in converters and adapters they are all installed and working. I wake up yesterday morning and there is a message on my TV. Those goofy bastards updated all the local channels the night after I install all this crap on my system. No need in a antenna now. So now do you understand???