Ford Sucks…….

The Ford Motor Company sucks.... with that said, I'll tell you why! Yesterday, I was on my way to a Christmas party. I didn't really want to go or anything but I have to at least keep up appearances that I'm at least sort of social. I went out to check my tire which had been leaking. It'd leak out about half it's air in a week. Well it'd only been three days so I figured it'd be fine. But it wasn't. It was flatter than flat. I thought I was smarter than the tire since last week I bought two can's of Fix a Flat. I slapped on a can and as fast as I could put it in, it could leak it out. After I'd emptied the can I tried to get the air compressor on it before all the fix a flat juice ran out. Between the Fix a Flat and the air compressor I couldn't keep enough air in it to keep the rim off the ground. Well now this is where the story really starts. I said no problem, 15 minutes and I'll have the spare on. Oh by the way. Did I fail to mention that we were 4 inches into our 8 inches of rain for this day. Well anyway. I got the jack out, bye the way I found my dear sweet ex wife's camera jam neatly down into the jack storage contraption. I can't explain how it got there or why but that's where it was. I got the jack out and did all my normal tire change prep work. So now I'm off to get my spare. I knew where it was, how to get access to it, it had air in it, sound pretty simple so far. To gain access to this spare you basically have to stick your jack handle into this little hole in the bumper. From this hole is a long tube that runs to a lowering mechanism. Basic principle of operation on this thing is to stick in your hand and turn which lowers the tire to the ground. You basically pick it up and your off to bigger and better things. Not me..... I stuck my 1 and a half foot jack handle into this 2 and a half foot tube. The story of my life if ya know what I mean. I cussed for a full hour over that one. Well eight hours, 4 auto parts stores, and 2 discount stores later and I find my self scraping bottom at wal-mart. I couldn't find any jack handle or tool of any kind to make this think work. We are on like Plan G now, so I purchased a 3 foot wooden dowel from the fabric and general girlies stuff isle. After shaping the end with a utility knife, I was able to insert this contraption into the hole and make contact with the mechanism. I clamped on a pair of Vise Grips to the end and began cranking. The spare lowered to the ground just like it was meant to. The rest of the tire changing procedure when flawless with out incident. Even so, this will really make me think twice about making another decision to purchase a Ford.

By the way... This post, in it's entirety in being CC:'d to Ford Customer Service.