Stupid Computer Stories……

We've all heard the stories about somebody calling Tech Support wondering where the "Any" key was because the computer wanted them to press it. Well this kind of thing actually DOES happen. People call me for the dumbest things. It's just barely 8:30 today and so far here are the calls I've had.

1. Sales lady calls and said her computer was beeping at her and wouldn't boot. I found she evidently had a 15 Lbs bowling ball or something of the sort in her purse and had it laying on the keyboard. Of course the error on the screen plainly stated "Keyboard Key Stuck Error".

2. Another Sales lady called and said she left her PC on all night and now it won't wake up. When I got there she was moving the mouse around wildly attempting to wake it up. I got into the drivers seat and presses the space bar and waa laa.... It never occurred to her to press any keys on the keyboard.

3. An admin guy across the street couldn't understand why he couldn't get his email. Upon further investigation I found he just canceled by the login. When asked why it said the password was incorrect. That still didn't explain why he canceled by the login instead of fixing it. I looked a little deeper to find someone else had logged on to that computer and this guy never realized he was trying to log on with someone else's username. That's all well an good but he also didn't know his own username. He said it's always in the little box so he never has to type it.

Now you all know why I'm so stressed all the time. It's not the technical side of things, it's the babysitting side of things that get to me.